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going keto or my desperate attempt to manage my type 2 diabetes and safe myself.

Prologue: For the first nine months I did pretty great with my new diagnosis of diabetes.

(December 14, 2018) I got my A1C down from 12.7 to 6.5. I measured everything, kept a food diary, I decreased my sugar and carb intake, increased my exercise and lost twenty pounds.

Then around the 11th month in, I was starting to feel burnt out. I was feeling deprived. I desperately wanted to have a sugary pastry or slice of coffee cake with my coffee. I wanted to eat more than salads. I started to slip into a deep depression and seriously thought of harming myself, for what was the point of living if I couldn't enjoy food?

At the same time the medicine that I was on, Januvia started to "peter out" , at this point I had lost a total of 50 pounds but, yet.... I was not keeping my blood sugar under control. My PCP said that we could try the once a week shot of Trulicity and use insulin to let me eat fruit and sugary treats and help balance out the high blood sugar.

So that is what I did. I ate the high carbs and some sugar then injected insulin. After a few months of this, I hated it. My stomach was full of black and blues from the insulin shots and my blood sugar kept climbing, not to mention the insulin was expensive!

Currently: I decided to transfer to a new doctor, one that specialized in diabetes and women's health. She "prescribed" that I eat 50 carbs a day, compared to my 150-180 carb filled day, which may I add was suggested by a nutritionist. Present day: I've been eating keto meals now for one week and my blood sugar is under 200!

What is great is that I have been cooking and baking keto food! And I've lost 3 pounds.

I made keto scones and keto muffins that I am enjoying with my coffee. I no longer feel deprived and I haven't had to use insulin in a week. Hooray!

My biggest inspiration for the keto meals is Carolyn Ketchum and her blog , All Day I Dream About Food"

When I was reading the intro to her book, it was like reading my story with diabetes. One of my biggest problems with being a diabetic was that I felt so isolated. Millions of people are diagnosed with diabetes, but I felt so alone. With Carolyn's book, I found someone who "gets it", "gets me".

As I enter my second week of keto living, I am feeling positive and motivated.

Stay tuned, as I share my adventuress and I'm quite sure my successes with keto and diabetes.

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