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tune in & listen.

Author Scottie Waves writes, "Think for yourself. Trust your own intuition. Another's mind isn't walking your journey, you are."

Tuning into your intuition and trusting your intuition can be easier said than done. We hear the inner voice that cautions us or perhaps shares with us the excitement in regards to a new opportunity. Some of us will hear this "gut instinct" and make a decision to move forward. Some of us will doubt this thinking and second guess it.

When I was a seven, I was in a bicycle accident. The handlebar of the bike went into my left eye.

As you can imagine, it was traumatic and has had a huge impact on the vision in that eye. I share this story with you because the day before the accident I had an enormous feeling come over me to NOT go around this corner. I listened. I got off the bicycle and walked around the sharp graveled corner. Once back on level ground, I pedaled quickly to catch up with my friends. The following day, I heard, once again, the inner warning to get off my bike. I looked at my friends that were far ahead and decided not to listen to my intuition. I turned onto Southern Avenue, and WHAM!

I lifted myself off the ground. My hands and knees were covered in gravel and blood. As the story goes, I was in shock. EMT's were called to the site and they carefully placed my eye that was literally hanging from my eye socket back into my head. ~ You can't make this shit up~

Anyhow... the good news was that my body was young enough to heal the eye injury. The rest of the summer was spent sitting on the couch and eating grape popsicles.

My point? Listen to your intuition.

I feel that your mind is truly looking out for your best interest. Lesson learned from this experience is to never do anything that doesn't feel comfortable. Stop. Pause. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you.

I intelligent

N now

T truth

U uncanny

I immediate

T timely

I internal

O original

N natural

Often you have to rely on your intuition.

- Bill Gates

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